All Whitedot skis are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. This warranty applies only to products purchased from authorised Whitedot dealers and is valid for the original purchaser only. Make sure to keep a copy of your original purchase receipt or invoice, if the original Proof Of Purchase cannot be provided on a warranty return, Whitedot will use the manufacturing date as the start of the warranty period. Whitedot will first try to repair the product and will only replace it if it cannot be repaired. It will be replaced with an equal valued product to be determined by Whitedot. If that product is not available we will upgrade where applicable.


What Is Covered?

  • Structural cracks to the top sheet, base, edge, core and sidewall due to a manufacturing defect.

  • Delaminating of top sheet, base, edge, core and sidewall due to a manufacturing defect.

 What Is Not Covered?

  • Any problem resulting from impact, misuse, abuse or neglect. This includes but is not limited to boxes, rails and rock damage.

    Cosmetic issues including top sheet dents or chips resulting from crossing your skis, sun-faded graphics, and edge oxidation or rust.

  • Ski damage resulting from improper mounting of bindings, including the use of incorrect mounting hardware, or base dimples resulting from improper mounting.

  • Damaged caused by any modifications made outside of the Whitedot facility.

  • Skis mounted more than once. More than one recognisable mount and/or filling holes and re-mounting voids this warranty. 

Returning Product For Warranty?

Product purchased from a retailer must be returned to the point of purchase, whether that is an authorised Whitedot dealer or direct from Whitedot skis.  The dealer will then process the warranty with Whitedot on your behalf. If you cannot return to the original retailer (for example you have moved) you may bring the product to your nearest authorised Whitedot dealer and they will process the warranty issue for you.
  • Remove ski bindings from ski before returning.
  • Whitedot is not responsible for any bindings shipped to our warranty department.
  • The purchaser is solely responsible for the cost incurred to return the product to Whitedot. 
  • Whitedot will pay all shipping charges to return the product back to the dealer.
  • Do not use a permanent marker to point out a ski problem.


    Include a note in the box taped to the ski with any issues with the product, all your contact information including a copy of the original purchase receipt, email, phone number and return shipping address.   For further information or questions regarding your warranty, please contact your original purchasing location.