Dots Dozen - 2021

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This year the Dots Dozen offering of ‘pro-deal’ prices will focus on the 2021 skis, specifically the Ronde Series, Altum Series (including the new Altum 104 model) and Ragnarok Series.

Check out the latest Blister review of our skis:
Blister Review

The Dots Dozen community have the opportunity to get a pro-deal throughout the pre-season (November). 
Please apply via the email addresses listed below and we will get back to you with a priceless and availability. The amount of new 2021 skis is limited, we will operate the orders on a first come first served basis with delivery through November. 

We have 'top up' ski order in production right now for CarbonLites and other popular sizes. These will be ready to ship in early Decdember.

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Please submit your application below with the following information:

Whitedot Wishlist:

The Whitedot Skis Dots Dozen Members Programme was created for members to access special deals on new skis and associated products for a limited time each year.  The Dots Dozen programme is on a first come first served basis and to ensure it remains exclusive we only accept a limited number of new applicants per year from each country.

The benefits of membership, as well as savings on retail Whitedot skis, will be able to access pre-release products, bindings and softgoods all at limited time, pre-season prices.



All orders must be submitted by 30th November 2020.