Gear 4 Guides and Whitedot are partners in an initiative to send skis to Mountain Guides in the developing world

Whitedot and ‘Gear 4 Guides’ are working together this winter on a brand new initiative to help mountain guides in the developing world get hold of new or recycled ski equipment. Whitedot will be donating some new production skis while also kick starting a customer programme which will allow the general public to ‘trade in’ their old (but working) skis and upgrade to a new pair of Whitedot skis.

Whitedot are starting the recycle initiative for skiers in Europe and it will work as follows:

  • Gear 4 Guides Enquiries - contact mark@whitedotskis.com for individual package/delivery options. 
  • Agree a package.
  • Receive your Whitedot ski upgrade package.
  • Send your recycle skis to 1 of 4 hubs across Europe: Mayfhofen, (Austria), Chamonix (France), Leeds (UK), Helsingbjorn (Sweden) using the Whitedot delivery box.
A minimum of 200.00€  ‘Trade-in’ price for any recycled ski submitted, subject to it meeting a minimum ‘working’ standard. Details can be explained upon initial enquiry.

Return of recycled skis as part of the upgrade will be the responsibility of the customer relevant to 1 of the 4 hubs.

For every 5x skis upgrades made Whitedot will donate a brand new production ski to Gear 4 Guides. This initiative will run throughout the winter season and details of where skis ended up and with who will be posted as the journey of this program develops.

Trade in my skis