Core Materials

We use tried and tested Poplar and Ash woods. The two woods are laminated first and then the pair of cores are CNC’d together from the same blank core.

Our approach with this process is quite unique, we are proud of the results be it makes each ski a matched pair which ensures the skis perform and flex in the same way. Poplar remains an industry standard due to its durability and elasticity while Ash, as a hard wood, strategically placed under the bindings (for retention) gives unparalleled pop and strength.

The wooden cores in all of our skis are produced from materials sourced from sustainable forests.

Carbon Aramid

A mixture of Carbon and Kevlar is found in every Whitedot ski; we use Carbon/Kevlar stringers that are constructed from this material or as with the new Carbonlite series you will find 304gm/SqM sheets within the construction of that range. We use and integrate the Carbon Aramid for it’s consistent strength, weight saving abilities, pop and excellent bonding properties when used in conjunction with Carbon-fibre. 

Carbon Fibre

A well known material and used worldwide is a cast array of technical and detailed products however we use Carbon-fibre because it gives our skis extremely light weight properties, added strength and pop whilst keeping the volumes of materials in the construction to a minimum. We apply 304gm/SqM layers in each model in our Carbonlite series.


Otherwise known as linen. Although Flax is an age old material, its use amongst sports equipment manufacturers is only relatively recent. Whitedot is pushing forward with its use and integration of Flax within our ranges, we are at the forefront in developments with this exciting material. We are using it in the Carbonlite series; layers of 300gm/SqM Flax in our models produce a lighter, stronger and denser material than Tri-Axle fibre glass yet with unparalleled dampening properties. We are very excited with the results we are achieving with this material and the natural, sustainable elements of it makes it all the more reason to continue develops with it.

Fibre Glass

We continue to use this fibre-glass in our skis, every Whitedot ski uses 718gm/SqM of Tri-Axle fibre glass for its known power transition and torsional rigidity along with 869gm/SqM of Bi-Axle fibre glass for strength. To aid the reduction of vibration and chatter from the tip and tail from our models we apply a platform of 468gm/SqM of Bi-Axle fibre glass at both the tip and tail. Additionally, we add a dry weave binding retention plate that is designed with fibres that when drilled enclose the binding screws for retention, when this is paired with the screw adhesive it forms a very strong bond adding to the binding retention.


The incredible finish that you see on every ski is produce by two layers of flowing lacquer. This not only makes every ski look stunning though also adds strength to the high performance ISO screen printed topsheet foil.

Base Material

Each Whitedot ski is finished with an ISO 7200 high speed 1.2mm base. We use this standard of ISO 7200 material because it allows for a reliable, smooth and efficient glide whilst at the same time the wax absorption properties are extremely high so it retains the wax for longer. In order to make our skis stand-out from the crowd and get noticed we die-cut each base with a precision laser to ensure they have a perfect bond and seal against each section.

Flex Variations

In development we test every ski through our pro-rider Research and Development programme. We measure and gauge our flex on a flat line base scale, this has been developed over years to produce a congruent, progressive pattern that delivers high performance across the range.

The Finish

With the Whitedot brand focused so heavily on the purity of purpose and the clarity of design of our products, our skis not only have to perform perfectly every time, they also have to look good whilst doing so. The last process in the manufacture of a Whitedot ski is the lacquering and polishing. Each pair is lacquered and highly polished to a mirror shine, we then hand finish each sidewall edge to a rounded transitions to protect and reduce edge chipping and topsheet delamination. The skis are also put through a Montana to structure the base for incredible glide. To ensure maximum performance and customer satisfaction we ship each ski with a factory applied protection wax before it goes through a rigorous QC inspection.

Mounting Points

Ski Centre
    This is the centre point on the ski (+/- 5mm)
    Freestyle - for park bias freestyle< (+/- 5mm)
    Freeride - All mountain use (+/- 5mm)
    Back Country Jib - Back country freestyle (+/- 5mm)
Drill Bit
    3.6mm x 9mm bit

Ski Weight Chart