Where are the skis manufactured?

We manufacture in Europe.

Where can I test new models?

Please contact your regional distributor for a list of available test facilities.

Do my skis need de-tuning?

This is a personal preference, some people like to de-tune their skis. If we were to recommend de-tuning our models we would suggest from the tip/tail to the widest point on the sidecut. If you prefer an easier initiation and exit to your turns then detune a further 100mm into the sidecut as necessary. This is however, more of a personal touch so may not apply to all users.

What angle are the edges tuned too as a factory default?

89 / 1 degrees.

What if I have a warranty issue?

Initially please contact the place of purchase to discuss the issue. For full details on whether your issue is covered under warranty please refer to the website. www.whitedotskis.com/warranty

What is the difference between the One, Park.One and the Zero.One?

Launched in 2014, the One is now a three ski series: One, Park.One and Zero.One. The One remains a classic, cambered ski which works in the park as well as all over the mountain. The Park.One is a more all-round park ski with a softer flex and traditional camber giving you a versatile choice when it comes to your park preferences. The Zero.One adds a zero camber, double-rockered, playful jibbing element.

What are the benefits of Carbonlite over Traditional construction, what will I gain for the extra money?

We use Carbon-Fibre and Flax because it is much stronger and more durable making the ski and its performance longer lasting. The Carbonlite models are lighter so it allows the skier to ski for longer with less fatigue. Despite the large weight saving across all of the Carbonlite series, all of the skis retain the same characteristics as the traditional Fibreglass models.

What is the difference between the CL.2 & CL.3 construction?

The CL.2 range utilised the latest in Bi-Axle Carbon/Aramid, Carbon and Flax. The CL.3 utilises the lastest Non Crimped Tri-Axle Carbon Fibre sheets. Non-crimped means all fibres are running straight so there are no weak points. Tri-Axle Carbon is Torsionally stiffer and far more efficient placing it in line with the contact points of the skis. We have also switched to using a 0 degree non-crimped Flax adding more strength to the ski and far more efficient dampening. These new materials give a strength gain of around 150%.

What is Flax?

Linen. Used for it's incredible dampening properties.

What are the benefits of a lighter ski?

Longer ski time and more efficient ascents.

On average, how much lighter is a CarbonLite ski against the Traditional ski?

Approximately 25-30% lighter.

What is meant by a skis core?

This is the heart of the ski where it gets the bulk of its strength and pop. We construct our cores from a Poplar and Ash laminate.

What are the recommended mounting points?

We have several recomendations for mounting points, all of which are illustrated on the ski topsheet. The FR line is for anyone looking for a more traditional position and feel on the ski, it's placed further back and will allow for the maximum floatation in soft snow for those who like to drive the tips of their ski. Our skis have a large sweet spot for a multitude of skiing styles so we have created a bigger scale to give everyone the flexibility to set the skis up to suit their prefered style.

What does FR stand for?

Freeride. This is where we recommend to mount the skis for all-mountain use.

How do I mount my bindings onto my skis?

We always recommend using a professional service so that they are correctly and safely positioned. The recommened drill bits are noted on the based stickers of all of our models.

I'm not 100% sure where I should mount my skis?

If you are unsure as to where you should mount your skis, please contact info@whitedotskis.com.

How do the ski flexes differ across the range?

Each ski model has its own unique flex pattern, this changes according to the size of the ski to ensure it accommodates skiers of all genres and genders (this is based on an average user profile per model).

When will my skis be delivered?

In order to maintain efficiency and productivity we dispatch all orders in a single day during the week, this is generally a Wednesday so that orders from late/early week can go out together. Special circumstances are always acceptible though please contact Whitedot directly to organise this.