Director | 2016

Introducing the new Generation.2 Revisions.

Maintaining the mid-fat 107mm waist of its predecessor, the new Director brings a revised rocker profile, flex pattern and shape to the blend. Fulfilling the requirement for a playful, rockered ski that will work equally well in the backcountry as it would across the wide spectrum of conditions to be found on the frontside of the mountain.

An increased effective edge adds to the hard snow performance, whilst the latest rocker profile from Whitedot helps the ski float and turn in the toughest of conditions.

Versatility defined.


Length     151cm, 161cm, 171cm, 181cm, 191cm
Radius     14.5m, 17m, 21.5m, 22m, 25m
Effective Edge     1124mm, 1210mm, 1410mm, 1460mm, 1580mm
Camber    0mm
Dims     134 - 107 - 124  (181cm)