The Ragnarok ASYM - Fresh, Fluid & Progressive

January 20, 2020

The inspiration for Whitedot's new powder ski this year was a blend of our original Ragnarok and Redeemer shapes. Trying to match the ability of our original powder surfer with the powerful gun that is the Ragnarok is not an easy task, but one we feel we have achieved with the cutting edge Ragnarok ASYM.


Our starting point was the Freeride World Tour Winning “Ragnarok” with a re-designed 122mm wide chassis. Looking at the shape, we wanted to keep a long effective edge for grip and stability but also keep the pure pleasure of a true 5-point design like the Redeemer; the answer was to take both styles and wrap it in one design. 

The long inside edge is great for steep & icy traverses or bombing on trail to get from one powder stash to the next. The shorter outside edge cuts down on the surface area and makes the ski easy to pivot and throw sideways in deep snow, adding a layer of intuitive steering into the mix. 

We kept both edges a constant, identical 30m radius; this means that your inside ski edges with minimum effort due to the shorter length, it also feels intuitive and easy to control as it tracks at the same radius as your outside.

In addition, the 30m radius of the edge matches the 30m radius of the tip and tail rocker, meaning that whether in deep powder or putting your first turns on piste for the day, the feeling is consistent and predictable, leaving you to focus on your line, not what is happening under your feet.