Packing for a day on the mountain with Kilian Echallier

January 25, 2020



When I go for a ski tour, I always tell to myself that I have to be ready for everything, and it is how I prepare my gear. Always start from the feet up to be sure to forget anything, it would be stupid to remark on the parking lot that we forget the skins or the avalanche beacon. 

So let's start with the skins, I love skins with hybrid glue that you can pack glue against glue without a net, really appreciated in case of wind on the top. I have two pairs of ski for touring, a pair of Ronde 110 traditional for tours with small approaches and when the goal is to ride a big line. I also have a pair of R.98 carbonlite, I use those ones for tours with more than 1500hm up or when the goal is a steep line in the high alpine terrain( above 3500m). The ronde 110 are mounted with a pair of cast-touring system and the R.98 with a air of racing pin bindings to save weight. I ride with pretty stiff boots to be able to charge in every condition. I use bamboo poles, of course not telescopic, I don't think that telescopic poles are really useful. Then a classic 3L bib-pants and jacket set up, with a merino base layer. I always take a down jacket as a back-up in my bag-pack in case if it is really cold or if I have to wait for a long time at a certain spot.


Then the helmet for the security and a pair of goggles and sunglasses (for the way up). My special hint is that I always tour with a cap combined with a buff, always. It protect you against sun, snow, rain, everything. Of course I never forget the classic trio : beacon, probe shovel, most important thing in the backcountry. As water and food I never take more than 1L of water and 2-3 energy bar, but almost never eat them.


Hope this gives you all some pointers for exploring the mountain, be safe, and be comfortable!