Meet The Riders - Owen Day

January 22, 2020

Where are you based?
During the winter I’m based out of Terrace, British Columbia. Nice no frills
northern town with great people and a cool ski hill that has easy backcountry
access. In the Spring I head to Dalvik, Iceland for the corn skiing season. London
is home for me during non-skiing months so it’s a good mix of mountains and
city life.

How long they have you been with Whitedot?
It’s now going on 7 years I believe. Still super impressed with the quality and feel
of all the skis I’ve manage to test out. My skis get pretty battered at work so it’s
cool to see a quality product that doesn’t disintegrate and still has loads of life in
the ski.

How long have you worked as a professional guide?
I’ve worked as a professional guide the past 11 years doing a mix of heliskiing
and ski touring.

Which ski's do you use?
I’ve skied on the Carbonlite Redeemers for heli-skiing and the deep days of ski
touring, Carbonlite R108’s is my ski mountaineering set up.

Why do they use those models?
I found the Redeemer extremely versatile given its dimensions, turns on dime
super playful and can handle pretty much everything even breakable crust. The
weight reduction of the Carbonlite has been awesome, I’m a big fan as I prefer a
light setup given I put in 100+days; saves energy and the body.

The R108’s can handle whatever you throw at them, wide enough on deep days
and light enough on the way up.

I’m really looking forward to skiing the new Asym this winter, stoked on the
design and can’t wait to use it here in BC. Likewise it’ll be awesome to get on a
set of Ronde 110’s in Iceland this spring.
What do you love about the ski's?
Redeemer – Fat fun
R108’s – GS corn turns, stable and predictable

Favorite place to ski?
Somewhere remote with good group of people skiing fun lines and coming home
to a basecamp with a wood stove and good food. Love it!
Proudest moment on skis?
Probably the day I passed the ACMG Ski Guide Exam after a gruelling week of
skiing steep lines in the Canadian Rockies. It was mentally and physically
demanding and I managed to nail it. Probably remember it as the most
significant moment due to the amount of time and energy I spent to get to that
Secret location/insiders tips?
I really like the low-key small ski hills with great backcountry access, there’s
usually less of a rush and the locals are friendly.
I’m a massive fan of Lãs Leñas in Argentina. It's an awesome place to steep ski in September with loads of backcountry options and big lines off of the Marte chairlift.
Have fun; too many people are far too serious including myself at times. Be
brutally honest with yourself and others when in the backcountry. If you’re
stressed or uneasy just simplify things. If you turn away you can always come
back to a line and in the end it’ll make more rewarding when you do ski it.