Meet The Riders - Jon Luckhurst

January 22, 2020

Where am I based in the Winter?
Chamonix (9 years)
How long have I been at Whitedot? 
6 years 
Professional or not?
Not a professional - I also run a management training company to pay for my winter
Which ski do I use? 
Ronde 110 Carbonlite
Why did you choose that model?
Up until last season my go to ski was the R108 CL as I’m always ski touring.  When they guys at Whitedot told me about the plans they had and the concept of the Ronde series I was super excited.  Having skied it most of last season as a test I could not get enough, it is super light and perfect for touring, it goes up with ease and is very capable, I have teamed it with the PLUM Guide binding which makes it very light.  On the decent the Ronde 110 CL skis all terrain and transitions with ease which is perfect and allows you to enjoy the turns. This season I have teamed it with the PLUM Pika binding
One thing you love about the ski?
Favourite place to ski 
Aiguille du Midi - Chamonix 
Proudest moment on skis 
Everyday is a proud day on the skis :) 
What your insider tips for Cham?
That would be telling … Backside of the Autanne Ridge, Tete de Balme, Chamonix