Meet The Riders - Ed Salisbury

January 22, 2020

Where are you based in the winter?
Morzine, France
How long they have been with Whitedot
8 years

How long have you been skiing professionally?
9 years

Which skis are you on?
I skis the Altum 114 for big mountain and touring and the Altum 94
for park riding.

How did you choose those models?
The Altum 114s are great to tour on and give me the support I
need when skiing steeper faces. Because of the tip and tail rocker
they are equally as fun and jibby when skiing trees and jumps.
I ski the Altum 94 for park and blasting around the mountain
because they are not as meaty underfoot and can blast through
the slush on those sunny spring days. However if you I do find
myself getting caught out and finding some fresh tracks they will be
just as much fun.

What do you love about the skis?
The versatility within the skis, they are not just a one trick pony & if
you want to ride hard on the Altum then it will give you the goods,
but it's more than manageable when you're playing around on the
Favourite place to ski?
Mayhofen for the fun times and The Port Du Soleil for the lines.

Proudest moment on skis?
Landing my first double over 10 years ago, first time I skied couloir
number one or hitting the double drop off Harmony waterfall in
Secret location/insiders tips
Couloir de Contreband is one of the best. But for secret spots, have a
look on Fat Map and ask the locals in the bars, always helps to buy them
a beer or two!